676C integrated lathe

676C butt end reducer is designed for processing of round softwood trunks of 3rd grade and above as per GOST 9463-72 into rounded logs. The machine can be used at bottom timber landings of harvesting companies, forest farming facilities, etc. It can function in a closed unheated space at ambient temperature of -16°to +30°С.

A log can be cut into precise dimensional lumber of a good surface quality just in a single run. The log undergoes only one processing operations: rounding.


676C lathe Specification
Input log dimensions, mm:
    Maximum butt end diameter
    Minimum length

Feed rate, m/min 0 - 6
Element diameter after rounding, mm 200-280
Rounding head rotation frequency, rpm 2150
Drive power, kW:
     Rounding spindle

Current three phase, alternating
Current frequency, Hz 50
Voltage, V 380
Dimensions, mm:
     Weight, kg



Distinctive aspects of machine design and furnishing

- Frequency converter for smooth feed rate adjustment.

- High quality bearings of the rounding unit made in Czech Republic.

- Three sets of cutting tools for the rounding unit.

- One set of outfit.

676C lathe main units

Rounding unit

Rounds a rough log, i.e. after the log passes this unit, it is rounded to various diameters (from 200 to 280 mm) calibrated along its length.

Assembly and installation

The installed lathe should be easily accessible and well-lighted. The lathe is installed on a foundation with the depth depending on the ground type but no less than 600 mm and attached to the foundation by six 16 mm anchor bolts. After the installation onto the foundation the lathe is leveled. The level is mounted onto the foundation. Maximum allowable horizontal deviation is 0,2 mm along 1000 mm. The foundation is then cemented and consolidated; then the anchor bolts are tightened.

Additional information on 676C lathe

1. Warranty
The manufacturer provides a 1 year warranty for all equipment

2. Assembly and maintenance
All machines are equipped with cutting tools (excluding saws, as 676C can use saws of various manufacturers at the user's discretion. Saw specifications are listed in the Equipment Certificate). An additional agreement for commissioning and start-up may be concluded.

3. Moisture of raw materials
This machine is designed for processing of round softwood and hardwood trunks of 3rd grade and above as per GOST 9463-72; GOST 9462-71.

4. Spare parts
The Customer forwards an order for additional equipment or spare parts required, upon its receipt the Seller determines manufacture and delivery time.

5. Machine manufacture time
Machine manufacture time is within 1-1,5 months.

6. Payment terms
50% advance payment and 50% when the equipment is ready for shipment. 3% discount may be granted for 100% advance payment.

7. 676C approximate capacity
Using 0,72 utilization rate for calculation:
- Minimum: 830 running meters per shift;
- Average: 1 900 running meters per shift;
- Maximum: 2 765 running meters per shift.

8. Waste
Chips (after rounding, non-pulp - with bark),
Scrap (after smoothing),
Sawdust (after cutting).

9. Sawdust disposal
Two types of sawdust disposal depending on production facilities are considered (not included into machine price):
- scraping conveyor (preferable);
- pneumatic conveying.

10. Dimensions of materials processed
676C lathe is a feedthrough machine, so the maximum length of a log is of no importance, the only limitation is butt end diameter which should not be over 400 mm. Minimum log length is 2500 mm.

The lathe is equipped with the following tools:

Lathe make Number of knives in a set
Rough knifeFinishing knife
676C (rounding)22

Output variants for 676C integrated lathe for undersized trees processing:

Output sets include:

- knife sets;


Rounded log