CP-32A machine for butting of rounded logs (hydraulics)

CP-32A grooving machine is designed for cross cutting of a rounded log into blanks.

Log dimensions - 180-320 mm

The machine can be used at woodworking enterprises along with equipment for manufacture of house building elements.
It can function in a closed unheated space at ambient temperature of -16°to +30°С.
For additional information on CP-32A machine refer to Equipment Certificate (PDF) or to the video presentation of CP-32A (see below).

* Hydraulic log fixation is available as an option.
Please consult our sales managers for the price of this option.


CP-32A lathe Specification
Log dimensions, mm 180 ... 320
Maximum diameter, mm 320

Feed rate, m/min

Spindle rotation frequency, rpm 1 100

Dimensions, mm

2 012
1 490

Weight, kg


Electric Specification

Current type

alternating 3-phase

Current frequency, Hz


Rated voltage, V
     drive power circuit
     control circuit


Number of electric motors


Saw drive motor:
     Power, kW


Feed drive motor, kW


Distinctive aspects of machine design and furnishing

- Hydraulic log fixation and saw feed.

- Laser pointer for precise log positioning.

- A set of cutting tools.

CP-32A photo gallery: