Sawdust feed chain

TOC-40 (Zu), TOC-15 (Zu) sawdust feed chain is designed for continuous removal of small waste particles such as sawdust and chips. It consists of a drive and a tightener, a hauling chain and electric equipment.

Field of application – woodworking and sawmilling industries.

Application – transfer of woodworking waste from Sherwood OF-28C (OF-30C, OF-32C), 692C, 682C, 668C, CPA-32, PA-32C and others.


Specification TOC-40 (Zu) TOC-15 (Zu)
Capacity, cub.m/hour
up to 10
up to 30
Chain speed, m/s
0,19 0,72
Distance between scrapers,mm 800 800
Scraper size, m
460х65 460х65
Power, kW
4 2,2
Dimensions, m
41х1, 6х0,65
16х1, 6х0,65
Chain type
round-link 14х80 (37...44 HRC)
Chain tear strength, kN

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