Sherwood OF-28C butt end reducer

For further information on Sherwood OF-28C butt end reducer refer to Equipment Certificate, Adjustment and Operation Instructions, variable speed drive adjustment procedure.

A centering butt end reducing device designed for producing rounded logs with a long groove for blockhousing of the following diameters: 180; 200; 220; 240; 260; 280 mm. The machine is equipped with two hydraulic actuators with elevated platforms for log lifting and adjustment (before fixing). A scraping (belt) conveyor for waste disposal may be mounted inside the frame. A hydraulic driven system of raw logs feed and finished product removal and a single-piece input system may be supplied additionally.

*Log lengths for basic configuration of OF-28C - 5950-6150 mm, we also manufacture custom lathes for other lengths (e.g. 4 or 5 m).

*Log shape variants (custom)


Sherwood OF-28C lathe Specification

Maximum butt end diameter of a processed log, mm 400
Minimum blank diameter, mm 200
Rounding tolerance, mm, no more than 120
Log length, mm 5950-6150

Feed rate, m/min
     working run
     blank run

0 - 3,2
Element diameter after rounding, mm 180; 200; 220; 240; 260; 280

Rotation frequency, rpm
     Rounding head
     Cutter spindles


Drive power, kW:
     Rounding spindle
     Cutter spindles

7,5 и 11

Rated voltage, V
     Drive power circuit
     Control circuit


Dimensions, mm

10 550
1 950
2 000

Weight, kg, no more than


Distinctive aspects of machine design and furnishing

- Frequency converter for smooth feed rate adjustment.

- High quality bearings of the rounding unit made in Czech Republic.

- Three sets of cutting tools for the rounding unit.

- One set of outfit.

- Proximity displacement sensors.

- Moving back stock for processing logs of various length, from 4,5 to 6 m.

- High quality and strength foreign-made V-belts.

- 24V control circuits for higher electric safety of the equipment.

- Hydraulic log lift and fixation.

- We can manufacture machines for logs of 3 to 7,5 m in length to a special order.

Sherwood OF-28C lathe application

Production of house building rounded logs with long grooves d 180 - 280 mm.

Recommended fields of application

Woodworking enterprises specializing in rounded log structures with yearly production rate of up to 6000 cub.m. of finished products with a 2-shift schedule.

Lathe description

Sherwood OF-28C butt end reducer for log rounding and grooving consists of the following units: frame with mounted lifting units, fixed and fixing stocks with console points, moving carriage with a mounted rounding rotor, two smoothing units and a carriage drive.

The machine operates as follows. The carriage is set up in initial position at the fixed stock. A log is fed to the frame, then it is lifted by means of hydraulic lifting mechanisms and centered. The log is fixed by the fixing stock (hydraulic actuated), and the lifting mechanisms go down. Rotor rounding mechanisms, cutter drives and carriage feed drives are activated. The log is smoothed and surfaced in a single run. Feed rate may be smoothly adjusted during processing. After processing the log is released and removed from the machine. The run is repeated for the next log processing.

Increased capacity is due to:

* mechanized log lifting and fixing;
* single-run processing;
* electronic feed rate adjustment device;
* unique carriage moving units and rotor cutting units that allow high-speed operation.

Higher quality is due to:

* heavy and rigid frame of channel No 40;
* electronic feed rate adjustment device for changing of feed rate in accordance with cutting conditions;
* unique rotor cutting units for smooth surfacing at high speeds.

The machine is more reliable and convenient thanks to hydraulic and electronic devices.

Advantages in comparison with similar devices

High capacity, multi-purpose. Quality log processing in a single run.

Reduced labor input and doubled labor capacity. Better product quality.

Recommended OF-28C accommodation layout (with accessories):




- A log is fed to OF-28C by MVP 450 single-piece output. It is fed to the MVP device by any available means: from log hauler, conveyor, by a crane, etc.








- The log is processed on OF-28C lathe in a single run and removed from the frame by a return run of the carriage. The log is lifted by R28A-4 roller conveyor from the frame of OF-28C to the R32-6 roller conveyor and other machines in the line.







- Single-piece output and lifting roller conveyor and hydraulic driven and controlled from the OF-28C console.


 OF-28C lathe photo gallery

Additional information

A Sherwood OF-28C butt reducing device is designed for producing rounded logs and rounded logs with a long groove for blockhousing.

The manufacturer provides a 1 year warranty for all equipment

Tools, commissioning and start-up
All machines are equipped with cutting tools. An additional agreement for commissioning and start-up may be concluded.

Wood processed
This machine is designed for processing of round softwood and hardwood trunks of 3rd grade and above as per GOST 9463-72; GOST 9462-71.

The machine consists of the following units:
- Welded frame 9-10 m long with mounted fixed front and fixing (hydraulic) back stocks..
- Carriage with rounding and two smoothing heads moves along the frame on round guides. The carriage also has a feed mechanism. The logs are fed by chain drive, the ends of the chain are attached to the frame, and its sprocket is mounted on the carriage.
- Two hydraulic actuators with elevated platforms are mounted upright on the frame for log lifting and adjustment (before fixing).
- A scraping (belt) conveyor for waste disposal may be mounted inside the frame.
- A hydraulic driven system of raw logs feed and finished product removal may be supplied additionally.

Approximate capacity
Approx. 20 m3/1 shift depending on input diameter using 0,72 utilization rate for calculation.