Rounded log production

All processing operations are carried out using an integrated set of specialized lathes.
Raw logs are fed to the lathe. Prior to the operation the trunks are sorted by diameter, delimbed and then fed to Sherwood OF-28C where the log is centered and fixed; then the carriage with rounding head and smoothing units moves along the guides of the lathe. Moving along the log these units round it to precise diameter; smooth the surface and cut notches and grooves for blockhousing. Rounded dimensional logs (6 meters) are stacked onto a storage unit and then fed to a CP-32 cutoff saw. There they are reduced in accordance with the project specification. Afterwards concave grooves for corner joints are cut using 671 SB lathe. In accordance with specification this lathe can cut grooves at angles of 90, 60 and 45 degrees.

The main advantage of rounded logs is their smooth round shape, long groove for blockhousing and concave grooves that make all log elements fit tightly against each other. Besides the log structure can be dipped in an antiseptic solution at the customer's request.

The finished log structures are checked and then prepared for shipment.


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